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REVEALED: Scientists identify the best time to make love

After studying the internal body clock, scientists from Oxford University now tell the best times of day to complete particular tasks.

After looking into fluctuation in body temperature, hormones and blood pressure, which are in charge of our moods and energy levels, the sleep experts gave these as the optimal times during the day for carrying out various activities:


According to the study head Dr. Paul Kelley, who is a clinical research associate from Oxford University, this body rhythm depends on your age.

Men and women were found to have energy levels peaking at different times of day. There was found to be a small window of time when the energy levels for both sexes match.

3 pm was found to be the optimal love making time for those in their 20’s. Not only is a couple likely to have high energy levels at this time, they are also likely to be together.

For this age group, the ideal time to wake up is 9.30 am while noon should be when they get started on work. The recommended sleep time for those in their twenties is 1 am.


8.20 am is the ideal love making time for those in their thirties. The explanation given for this timing is that when the sun is rising, it stimulates the hypothalamus which is the part of the brain in charge of production of testosterone hormone in both men and women thus boosting their sex drives.

People in their thirties should wake up at 8.10 in the morning. Their recommended bed time is 11.40 pm. Seeing as they are not as energetic as their twenty-something-year-old counter parts, people in their thirties should schedule a power nap for 3:40 in the afternoon.


10.20 at night was found to be the ideal love making time for those in their forties. This allows them to maximize the bed time before they have to wake up at 7.50 in the morning.

Looks like the older you get, the earlier your ideal waking time becomes. 3.30 pm was found to be the ideal time for house work because eye-hand coordination is highest at this time.


For those in their fifties, 10 pm is the ideal time for sex. Dr. Kelley recommends that a couple gets to sleep soon after but not before making sure that it is dark and cold. This will ensure a more restful night.

7 am is the ideal wake time for those in this age group. If you need to have a drink, have it at 6 pm.

To minimize the risk of heartburn, those in their sixties are advised to have an early dinner at 6.30 pm.


Sex should be scheduled for 8 pm. At 9 pm, before bed time, some mental stimulation exercise like reading or filling in a crossword is recommended. Sleep time should be 10 pm.


8 pm is the recommended love making time for those in their seventies because it helps them drift to sleep. Because a 70-year-old will wake up several times in the night, their recommended bed time is 9.30 pm to allow them for enough rest. Recommended wake up time is 6 am.