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County fails to spend 10 per cent of its finances

Ten per cent of money disbursed to Nairobi County’s bank account has not been spent.

The latest report by Treasury reveals  that the county’s bank account, which is held by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), is yet to spend Sh443 million.

This is despite the presence of huge  garbage heaps lying uncollected, impassable roads owing to poor drainage and security lights lacking in many estates among other woes facing city residents.


The national government allocation and the county’s revenue that has gone into the account so far is Sh4.3 billion, out of which Sh443 million remains intact.

The past half year report shows Sh157 million of the revenue collected  is yet to be spent as well as Sh204 million meant for operational costs.

Another Sh81.5 million meant for development is yet to be allocated and is lying idle in bank. This is money that would be used to buy equipment, build structures and put up new installations for  different  departments.

This compares to Sh 80.9 million lying idle at the Mombasa County’s account out of a Sh1.5 billion disbursement.

With this, Mombasa County had only seven per cent unspent funds and was  rated the best in fund consumption followed by Nairobi and Machakos respectively.

Machakos County, led by Governor Alfred Mutua has Sh445 million of unspent funds, representing 25 per cent of the Sh1.7 billion  disbursed to the county.

Countrywide, Sh66.5 billion was disbursed to the counties and as at last month, Sh35 billion had not been touched representing 53 per cent.


Statistics at the city’s finance department showed the county spent more money on operations and salaries than  on development. A huge chunk is also going into paying debts accrued by the old city council.