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Husband defends wife over claims of killing daughters

The husband of a woman accused of killing her two young children by feeding them on cakes suspected to have been laced with poison has asked his relatives to give his wife a chance to recover from the traumatic experience.

Mr Paul Daraja said he does not believe his wife, Winnie Daraja, could intentionally poisoned the children.

“I love my wife and we had not had any disagreements before the incident. I want to believe what happened could have been accidental and people should give her a chance to fully recover so that she can establish what happened,” said Mr Daraja.

He said on the fateful day last Saturday, he arrived home and found his two daughters, aged three and five, enjoying the cake with their mother.

“One of my daughters ran towards me and offered me a piece of the cake but before I could take a bite, she fell and collapsed,” said Mr Daraja.


He said his wife and their other daughter collapsed and started convulsing shortly after eating the cake forcing him to rush them to the Webuye District Hospital where the children died while receiving treatment.

They were buried at their grandfather’s home in Bisunu village in Kakamega North sub-county on Wednesday night as demanded by tradition.

Winnie is still undergoing treatment at an undisclosed hospital after she was attacked by villagers who accused her of poisoning her daughters.

Mr Daraja said medical records indicated his wife and two daughters had ingested a poisonous chemical. He said the truth about what had happened would eventually come to light.

“I want to give my wife support as she continue to receive treatment and hope she will fully recover to tell us what went wrong,” said Mr Daraja.