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Roysambu residents loot beer after delivery truck crashes – PHOTOS + VIDEO

October 5th, 2019 1 min read

Christmas came early for beer lovers in Roysambu when a truck lost its load in their neighbourhood on Friday.

Nearby residents rapidly began stripping the truck of its cargo‚ running off with crates of beer and calling bystanders to join in.

The road was flooded with beer as bottles broke when the truck lost its load.

Police officers who came to the rescue of the driver‚ at the scene‚ were forced to lob tear gas to ensure that the entire stock was not looted.

Men and women were seen stopping their cars on the road before running to the crash scene.


In one instance, a man in an SVU can be seen getting one for the road from a man holding a crate.

While many people were seen taking one or two bottles, others were seen busy loading as much beer as they can in their pockets.

No injuries were reported.