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Russian Minister warns citizens against having sex with foreigners during World Cup

Football fans heading to Russia and hoping to have a bit of fun during the 2018 Fifa World Cup could end up a disappointed lot.

This is after a Russian lawmaker warned Russians against having sex with foreign visitors during the month-long football tournament which will be staged in the European nation.

Tamara Pletnyova, the head of the Lower House of parliament’s Family, Women and Children Committee spoke during a radio interview and specifically warned Russian women against getting impregnated by visitors.

“There will be girls who will meet men, and then they will give birth. Maybe they will get married, maybe they won’t. But the kids will suffer just like they suffered (after the 1980 Moscow Olympics). It’s the children who suffer and have suffered since the Soviet era,” Pletnyova said.


But the politician was seemingly not content with just advising residents against trysts with visitors and the perils of being a single mother or a child born out of wedlock.

She went ahead and advised Russian women tempted to get intimate with foreigners to ensure their partners are white.

“If it’s another race, then it’s even worse,” she is quoted as saying. “We should give birth to our own children. I’m not a nationalist but nonetheless.”

Pletnyova’s comments come barely a week after England international Danny Rose, a black player, publicly told his family to stay away from Russia amid concerns over racism.

“I am not worried for myself. But I’ve told my family I don’t want them going out there because of racism and anything else that might happen. I don’t want to be worrying when I’m trying to prepare for games for my family’s safety,” the Tottenham left back said.