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Sacked Reuben Ndolo goes back to class

Former Makadara politician Reuben Ndolo is back in class after losing his job.

Mr Ndolo was chairman of Athi Water and Services Board.

Mr Ndolo says he will now spend time doing a degree course in Water Management at  the University of Nairobi.

“I have no job now. I will concentrate in my course, especially after the ODM elections,” he said on Tuesday.

Mr Ndolo said he wasn’t bitter with the job loss because the President ‘could have been given the wrong advice again.’

“President Kenyatta has wrong advisers. Revocation of my appointment could be as a result of this,” he said.


Mr Ndolo was sacked through  gazette Notice No 115 on January 10 after serving for only four months in his second term.

He was first appointed in 2009 by former minister Charity Ngilu and  re-appointed by the Jubilee government last November through a letter by Water and Environment Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu.

The President can terminate a board appointment for the remainder of an official’s term, according to the State Corporations Act.
Former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu took over from Mr Ndolo.

Mr Waititu and Mr Ndolo have been protagonists in the battle for political supremacy in Nairobi, the former being a key pointman for Mr Kenyatta and the latter being spanner boy for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Athi Water is a key water body because its catchment  area is made of heavy consumers like Nairobi, Kiambu and Kajiado.