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Safaricom kicks out 58 fraudulent employees

Telecoms operator Safaricom sacked 58 employees suspected of involvement in fraudulent activities in the year ended March, two more than the 56 it sent home the previous year.

The number of employees suspected of crime rose despite the drop by two thirds in the total number of financial crimes committed by employees during the same period.

Safaricom, which is Kenya’s most profitable company, said it investigated 29 fraud cases in the year under review down from 89 the previous year and forwarded four to the police for public prosecution. The cases covered various types of frauds, including asset misappropriation, fraudulent expense claims and corruption cases.

“Disciplinary action was taken against all staff involved in misconduct and some cases were forwarded to the law enforcement authorities, leading to prosecution,” the telecoms firm said in its annual report.

This means that for every fraudulent incident the company fired two people compared to the previous year when the ratio was less than one firing for each fraudulent activity.

The new trend points to rising collusion among employees to commit crime in a tighter working environment that needs networking to commit a crime.

Safaricom, which is East Africa’s largest company by asset base, also gave disciplinary warnings to 13 employees.

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Source: Business Daily