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Sakaja’s government to determine fate of NMS

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has said it is upon the incoming Nairobi County government to either extend or terminate the contract of Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

PSC chairperson Anthony Muchiri on Wednesday said NMS will be reverted to the County Government of Nairobi if its contract is not renewed.

“If the incoming county administration doesn’t want to continue NMS’s contract, then the PSC is willing to revert all services to the County Government of Nairobi,” Muchiri said.

This comes as NMS tenure in office that had been extended for six months comes to an end. Nairobi County governor Ann Kananu extended the contract of NMS early this year to allow Lieutenant General Mohammed Badi and his team to complete the projects which they had started.

NMS was established in June 2020 following an agreement between the former Governor Mike Sonko and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

At the time, President Kenyatta said the move would benefit the residents of Nairobi, although Sonko would later claim that he was forced to sign the agreement.

The agreement saw the transfer of four top county functions to the national government, which include health, roads and public works, housing and urban development. The service that have been rendered by NMS to Nairobi residents also included environment, water and sanitation.

The Nairobi County Governor-elect Johnson Sakaja said during the Gubernatorial Debate that once he resumes the office, he will disband NMS, and revert all the functions to the county government. He also reiterated the same after being declared the winner in the concluded election.

“I want to affirm that from the day we’re sworn-in, all the functions of county governments under the fourth schedule, all the 14 functions shall revert to the county government immediately,” Sakaja said.

The Governor-elect claimed that NMS was carrying out its functions without any transparency, and that the County Assembly of Nairobi was not auditing it in fear of the state.