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Sanaipei, your money is with KFC, Ababu tells Kalasha Award winners

After being called out by several artists for not keeping his promise, Sports and the Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba said on Thursday, December 7, that he had already disbanded the money to the Kenya Film Commission (KFC).

Speaking to Nairobi News, the CS did not give any reason why the money he promised the winners of the 12th edition of the Kalasha International Film and TV Awards has not been paid, only saying that he had dispersed it to KFC.

The government had promised all winners Sh200,000 prize money, but they have yet to get it.

“The prize money is safely with the Kenya Film Commission and they have assured me that they are already releasing that money. So absolutely no need for concern,” he said.

Confirming that the money had been received, KFC CEO Timothy Owase said that it was indeed true that they had the money with them.

“Yes I have the Kalasha money and we will start disbanding it from next week,” he said.

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This comes after several artists have called out Namwamba and the commission for not keeping their promises.

On Wednesday, singer-cum-actress Sanaipei Tande did not mince her words and called out the CS over unpaid award money.

The Mfalme wa Mapenzi singer questioned the parties involved for “No prize money and no communication” for a year gone by.

“….but 167M set aside for #KNT renovations in bids to develop and nurture NEW talent! What of the existing talent?” she asked on her socials.

In November 2023, 2022 Kalasha Award winner for Best Costume Design Fatuo Hassan also called out the CS for breaking his promise.

“I have not received the Sh200,000 they promised, they sent us an email and we sent our bank details but I have never seen the money. I won Best Costume Design for the film Ayaanle. At least they remembered the department that they always pretend is not important but they can’t stay without art,” she said.

The delay has left many of them frustrated and wondering why their hard-earned accolades have yet to be financially acknowledged.

Initially, the winners expected at least Sh100,000 each, based on the prize money awarded during the 11th edition of the Kalasha Awards.

However, the amount was doubled by the CS who attended the awards ceremony.

“We have doubled cash rewards for winners in all 39 categories this year as the first step in ensuring pesa mfukoni for artistes,” Namwamba declared during the awards ceremony.