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Irony as Sauti Sol beg for pirated ‘Game of Thrones’ episode

By EDDY KAGERA August 18th, 2017 1 min read

They are at the forefront of asking their fans to buy their original music.

But irony was lost on Sauti Sol when they begged their fans to share links where they can watch the vaunted pirated Episode 7 of Season 7 of the popular ‘Game of Thrones‘ TV series.

Episode 6 leaked early this week, days before it could air in the US on Sunday. HBO aired the episode by mistake, assuming it was a repeat of episode 5.

Having, obviously, watched the leaked episode 6, Sauti Sol got caught up in the craze and took to Twitter to ask for an alleged episode 7 that had also “leaked”.

“Dear friends and family, is there a leak of #GoT episode 7 somewhere in this beautiful world???? Anyone? Pls help,” tweeted the band.

The tweet is no longer available.

However, the all boy-band escalated the request, taking a screenshot of the Twitter post and sharing it on their Instagram page.

The post is still up.

One fan (achieng_aringo) noted the irony: “If the irony of this doesn’t make you laugh… these guys are always on supporting local artists and buying their products and now …..LoL”

Another (chelimosandy) advised: “Don’t get into temptation let’s wait till Sunday.” Another (juniour_challeu) wondered, “r guyz are also searching it…”