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Scammer promises Sh30m for Kenyans joining ‘Illuminati’

An enterprising Kenyan has started an online scam –recruiting new members into the so-called illuminati underworld with phony promises of quick riches for doing nothing.

The scammer promises new members a “guaranteed” cash reward of Sh30 million ($300,000) immediately they join, to “reorganize their lives in order to fit the class and status of the club members”.

That’s not all. They also get a new car valued at Sh12 million ($120000), a new house, one month holiday fully paid, one year golf membership, a VIP treatment at all airports, a total lifestyle change (whatever that means), one month booked appointment with top five world leaders and top five celebrities in the world.


But there is a catch. The swindler wants you pay Sh15,000 as registration fee.

If not nipped in the bud, the scam risks swindling innumerable Kenyans of their hard earned cash.

Traditionally, many Kenyans are known to fall for such cons because of their love for easy money.

However, a warning has been going round on social media informing netizens of a secret and private event to happen in Nairobi on the 25th of this month.

“A secret and private event will be happening in Nairobi on 25th of this month. Event dibbed “Evil and Explicit” only girls below 18 years wearing sexy bikinis are allowed to dine, wine and dance for the city tycoons. Check the link”


The link then forwards a person to an alleged Illuminati recruitment center web page.

Inquiries done by Nairobi News established that the number where new members are required to send the money is registered under a Tonny Kimanthi.

However, in a phone conversation Friday, he referred to himself as Brother Mark.

“Once you send the money we will give you more information, we are located near Serena Hotel. And we have a meeting tonight,” said “Brother Mark”.

Illuminati is an underworld global movement of which top celebrities and world billionaires are believed to be members.

Editor’s Note: The Nairobi News has decided to run the story to warn susceptible Kenyans against the scam.