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School recalls students suspended for stealing 200 chapatis

A school in Kisumu has recalled three students it had suspended for allegedly stealing about 200 chapatis.

The learners were recalled following a public outcry and concern from the parents.

The parents said they were shocked after their sons were suspended from Chulaimbo High School for two weeks after the administration accused them of stealing food from the canteen.

A guardian of one of the students wondered why Deputy Principal Joshua Otieno Ameda sent the boy home without any form of evidence that he was involved in the said theft.


According to the parent who did not wish to be named for fear of victimisation, the three were found near the canteen at around 9pm and it was alleged the chapatis had been disappearing over the previous three days.
The deputy headteacher told the parent that the boys ate to their fill then started throwing away the chapatis that remained.

“It is alleged that on the first day 98 chapatis were stolen, the following day 60 and the third 50. Even if they are superhuman beings, how could they consume all that, throw the remaining away and later wait to steal the following day? I don’t believe it,” the parent said.

The parent added that upon interrogating the boy, he said that they were just passing by the canteen when someone reported them to security guards who later went for them from their classrooms.


But the parent insisted that the administration should have caught them red-handed before concluding that they were the suspects.

“I was surprised when the deputy principal asked my boy to pick his box from the dormitory. I thought it was only a two-weeks suspension and he would only be carrying his bag,” the parent said.

When contacted by the Nation, Mr Ameda denied that the boys were suspended for stealing chapatis.

But he did not give any details about the suspension.

It is now emerging that after a public outcry, the school’s administration contacted the parents and instructed them to take their children back.