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Security body group seek political seats

Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSWU) Nairobi Branch say it will sponsor one of their own to vie for various seats in the coming general election.

The workers also also accusing the current government of neglecting their welfare and not fulfilling their interests.

The seats they intend to vie for include, 20 Members of County Assembly (MCA), Member of Parliament (MP) and women representatives.

Led by the Union Secretary General Isaac Andabwa who is seeking the Lugari parliamentary seat the workers claim the leaders they elected in the last election failed to represent them as they agreed.

“We are tired of being oppressed. We have voted for many but now even we will be vying for various positions. We have decided to sponsor some of us who will be our representatives, ”said Mr Andabwa.

On the other hand, Andabwa said most of the members of the union are living in poverty because of the low wages they are given.

“We are tired of being looked down upon. We have decided to make life better for our members.”

They have also said that they would support a political party that will be able to solve their problems and represent them well in the coming government.