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Senator speaks out to claims of being ‘too big for economy class seats’

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has refuted media reports of a complaint she allegedly made to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) on her discomfort while flying on economy class seats.

The media reports claimed that Ms Omanga had written to PSC to complain that the seats on economy class are too small for her. She is said to have asked for special consideration because of her body shape.

But in a strongly worded press statement on Monday, the Senator dismissed the media reports as untrue and declared that she is proud of her “physique.”

“It would help to remind the newspaper, and anybody else who shares in their warped thinking, that I’m proud of myself and my physique and neither sexist headlines meant to egg readers into reading a convoluted story nor journalistic skullduggery will change it,” she wrote.


Ms Omanga added that both the Speaker of Senate and Clerk had clarified to her that they are unaware of the reports.

“Despite the Speaker and Clerk of the Senate saying they are not aware of such a request I made to PSC, It is unfathomable that the newspaper spared a whole page to belabor on pettiness rather than focus on issues that are of importance to Kenyans.

“It points to poor journalistic practices where readers are inundated with sensationalized stories each passing day and trivia, misinformation and disinformation are given prominence for commercial purposes,” she wrote.

The report had claimed that Omanga’s colleagues concurred with her that economy class seats in some airlines are small and uncomfortable.