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Sex scandal rocks Malkia Strikers camp

The Kenya Volleyball Federation has threatened to sue the Standard Media Group for a story they carried on the Nairobian newspaper last Friday.

In the story, the media outlet had implied that KVF officials were soliciting for sex from the volleyball queens in exchange for slots in the national team.

KVF chairman Waithaka Kioni termed the reports as “hateful, damaging and malicious”, and added that the author of the story cooked several quotes which he added into the stories.

“We are deeply disappointed by those reports. Not only were the allegations false, the players and officials quoted therein never spoke to the author. We have asked them to recant that story failure to which we shall redeem our image in a court of law.

“This is a story that has been planted by people whom we defeated in the 2014 elections. They are jealous of the hard work that we have done and they intend to bring us down for their own selfish interests. Of course we shall not allow that,” he said during a press conference held on Saturday morning at a Nairobi hotel.

Setter Janet Wanja, who was quoted extensively in the story, denied ever speaking to the author, and promised to seek remedial justice in the court if the author does not issue a prominent apology.

“I was called by that author and I told him that I know nothing about whatever he was asking. He was insisting that I tell him about the sex scandals that have been happening at KVF and I told him the truth that none of that is happening and then I hang up.

“He called me again two days later but I did not pick up his calls, yet I woke up to find my name all over the newspaper.

“This story is very damaging. I have a family. If my mother was to pick that story up she would judge me very harshly. I also have a husband and you can imagine what damage this story could do to our marriage.

“I have tried to contact that Lorenzo (author of the article), but he keeps telling me that he is not the one who wrote the story, yet the article bears his byline. I want him to come out truthfully and tell me when I spoke to him about the sex scandals he wrote about,” said a visibly agitated Wanja during the press conference.