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She’s known as Dida on ‘Sultana’, but what’s her real love story?

Winnie Bwire Ndubi is Dida on the local hit Swahili telenovela Sultana. In the series she is cast as an antagonist who is in love with Jabali Junior alias JJ, who on the other hand is in love with a blind main character, Sultana, after whom the telenovela is named.

JJ, a character on Sultana played by Othman Njaidi. PHOTO | COURTESY

Dida is a confused girl who is both shocked, angry, worried and equally tolerant of Fatima, her mother’s, schemes to force a marriage between her and JJ. While she very much yearns for JJ to marry her, she’s also battling her banned feelings for Kaka, one of the servants employed by JJ’s father!

Sultana characters (from left) Kaka, Dida, Fatima and JJ. PHOTO | COURTESY

But this love interest confusion does not feature in her real life. Bwire Ndubi is married to coast-based actor Daniel Kinyanjui alias Dan Sonko who featured on local productions such as Pete. Winnie and Dan married in 2019, two years after Sonko’s wife Druscilla tragically passed away after giving birth to their second son.

Winnie Bwire with her husband, actor Dan Sonko. PHOTO | COURTESY

The kicker? Winnie was the best friend to Sonko’s late wife and they started dating one year after the death. The two had to rally and band together against harsh public criticism of their relationship.

Winnie is now the stepmother of Dan’s two boys, Djibril and Darell.

Winnie Bwire, husband Dan and their two sons Djibril and Darell. PHOTO | COURTESY