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Singer Ruth Matete reflects on being accused of killing her husband

By Winnie Mabel February 27th, 2023 3 min read

Singer Ruth Matete reflected back to how difficult her life was following the tragic death of her husband of four months, Pastor Beloved John Apewajoye, following a fire incident in their home in April 2020.

Pastor John died after he reportedly lit a gas cylinder he had been trying to fix because they realized they had been sold a faulty gas tank.

Upon his igniting a match, the gas he had released from the tank in his efforts to fix it evaporated into the atmosphere in the kitchen and it flamed up, engulfing him in flames.

In her February 2023 statement, Pastor Matete said she was two months pregnant when her new husband died and her emotional state was destroyed when she was accused of killing him.

“Losing someone you deeply love is not something you heal from overnight. Especially when that person is your spouse.  With the busy lifestyle we have these days, it can get so busy that you forget to heal or assume you have healed when in essence, you’re just too busy to examine your emotional state. Today, I take time to examine Ruth Matete, the young lady who was so hurt and accused of killing her husband a few years ago. The young widow who was 2 months pregnant when her husband died. The young widow who had to go through the pregnancy journey while she mourned her new husband of four months,” began Pastor Matete.

She went on to reveal she spend her days and nights crying, wondering how her life had changed into such a tragedy with the twinkle of an eye. It took her taking one day at a time to try and come to terms with her loss and picking herself up.

The accusations that she had killed her Nigerian husband came amid reports that the late Apewajoye had a family back in his home country and Ruth had destroyed their marriage. Jesse Ikoenaze, a Nigerian national who claimed to be the late Apewajoye’s manager and close friend, was the source of these accusations- going as far as accusing Ruth of being a violent woman who at one point wanted to leave the marriage. The accusations were never substantiated and but went viral both in Nigeria and Kenya.

She made these revelations after being asked to model some wedding dresses but revealed she had refused on prior occasions for what sad memories they would bring up for her.

“I knew the kind of trigger that would be for me. Seeing myself in a wedding gown. One year later, here we are. We were able to pull it off and as I wore the gowns and posed for the photos, I was declaring what I wanted to see come to pass. At some point I was even speaking in tongues. Don’t know if the team noticed. Healing is indeed gradual and I thank God for how far I have come. I really longed for a beautiful wedding and God granted me one. It didn’t last for long. But am here declaring that the next one will last. Somebody shout Amen with me,” concluded Pastor Matete.

For the past few months, Pastor Ruth has been vocal about wanting to get married again and have more children to give her daughter, Toluwa, siblings. Nairobi News previously reported that she hinted at remarrying soon and hoped God will move soon. She expressed hope that her groom would soon be known.

“I don’t want young men. I want older men. I need someone who understands…when you come, you know what you have come to do,” said Pastor Matete on who her ideal man is.

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