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Slain woman thug was gang’s recruiter, informer – Police

A suspected female gangster shot dead by police on Sunday afternoon had been arrested several times for drug peddling and was accused of recruiting girls and young women to join the dreaded Gaza group in Nairobi’s Kayole Estate.

Known casually as Marsha Minaj, the suspect was profiled by police as the best friend of slain gangster Claire Njoki Kibia, famously known as Clea Adi Vybz, with whom she acted as informers of the criminal gang.

She was shot dead together with a male suspect in a house in Migingo, Patanisho, where police found an automatic pistol, sword, bullets and drugs.

Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome said police had been looking for the woman and other members of her gang for a long time.


“Residents have been complaining about this lady and her accomplices because they rob people in broad daylight,” said Mr Koome. “They have been threatening people and displaying the pistol openly.
“It has been hard to find them because they kept shifting houses but, on Sunday, police received information from the public about their location.”

He said when the police went to the house they found the two and attempted to arrest them but the duo shot at the police officers through the door.

The police boss added that the pistol and rounds of ammunition will be subjected to ballistic examination to ascertain how the gun has been used in the past.

The pistol could not be identified immediately because the serial number is written in Arabic. A faulty homemade pistol was also recovered from the suspects.

Immediately after the shooting, the suspect was identified by a mysterious Facebook user who has been waging war on armed criminal gangs in Kayole, Huruma, Dandora and other parts of Eastlands.


The character, who goes by the name ‘Hessy wa Kayole’ and also ‘Hessy wa Dandora’, ‘Hessy wa Huruma’ and ‘Hessy wa Eastlando’, posted gory photographs of the slain suspect in a Facebook group called Kayole Crime Free.

The vigilante had warned the female suspect through the same platform that she would die if she did not abandon crime.

Mr Koome has disowned the professed “legion of community-based policing members who are taking crime fighting to another level”.

The incident comes just a week after Mr Koome warned that women were increasingly joining city gangs and were being used by men to carry guns, gather information and take food to gangsters in hideouts.

Mr Koome said the women take advantage of the fact that most police officers in Nairobi were male and cannot search their handbags. He however said the police were applying a new tactic in their crackdown.

Elsewhere in Eastlands, police shot dead a suspected gangster and recovered a homemade pistol in Pangani after a four-man gang attempted to rob residents in Mlango Kubwa in the afternoon.

Another suspect was killed and a homemade pistol recovered from him at Tononoka in Mowlem.