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SNAPPY 7: Kansiime on her real personality

December 12th, 2015 2 min read


She’s funny and she will crack your ribs just by opening her mouth, but who is Anne Kansiime? Nairobi News got a close peek into the  Ugandan comedian’s life. Excerpts:

1. Who is Kansiime? I am a woman; my breasts took long to develop so most of the time I have to sit in a certain way and show them so that people don’t miss them. They popped out when I was around 17 years old in university. I also have bad hair which doesn’t grow. I don’t like the word ‘comedian’ because I entertain, sing, dance and act. So I am an entertainer.

2. Childhood – I can’t remember my childhood very well – that I will have to go and get tapes for you to watch. What I can tell you is that we are a very funny family and we are also petite.

3. School – I attended Kabale Primary School. For my O-Level and A-Level education, I studied at Bweranyangi Girl’s Senior Secondary School. Bweranyangi Girls had the most beautiful girls in the region so I knew I would become beautiful and fit in that school. Later I attended Makerere University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. After graduating I took my degree to my parents and then returned to the theater to act.

4. Fashion – I dress for comfort, but right know I’m privileged to be able to afford expensive clothes. I love kitenges and traditional dresses but sometimes I check out Vogue magazine and if I like what I see I will buy it.

5. CuisineMatoke, matoke, matoke… I love them so much! You can put anything in matoke and I will still eat it. When you travel a lot and then you can’t find what you want to eat, then you will appreciate the kind of food that you like most.

6. Free time – When I’m not acting or entertaining I am a wife. The kind of work I do takes a lot of time from me to be with my husband. We are still a young couple so we need all the time we can get together. I once paid for gym membership which I never attended for a whole year. But whenever I see that my tummy ‘growing’ I try skipping a rope and if it goes away I throw away the rope.

7. Difference between Anne Kansiime and Mrs Ojok – I would like to think that I have no multiple personality because if you ask my husband he will tell you that the Kansiime the world is so crazy about is not the same Kansiime he married. When I am home I’m relaxed, I can pass air freely and the world will not look at me like I was crazy.