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This is what Sonko wants City Hall team to do before the onset of the rains

February 3rd, 2019 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has directed his County Government’s departments of Transport and Environment to unclog the city’s drainage systems before the start of the long rains.

In a statement the county boss said that the Department of Transport has to ensure that all the faulty drainage systems are repaired before the rains, while the Department of Environment has to work at unclogging areas that have been blocked by dirt.

“We do not want to see Nairobi flooding whenever it rains. All the department concerned must now start working to ensure we have a functional drainage system,” said Sonko on Saturday.


He also urged his officers at City Hall to ensure that all the waste along roads, walkways, open fields and in the estates is collected.

“This should be done weekly to maintain a clean and functional drainage system,” he said.

Sonko has also issued a directive for regular slashing of grass and frequent maintenance of street lights in Nairobi.

“These public and private places where grass is left to grow make safe havens for mosquitoes and other preys. Major streets especially in informal settlements should be given priority,” he said.