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Sonko claims he has ‘discovered’ cure for Covid-19

Nairobians and Kenyans at large will soon not have to worry about Covid-19, at least that is if Governor Mike Sonko has his way.

This after Sonko announced on social media his plans to launch different treatment centres where the cure for Covid-19 can be administered.


Sonkos claims one of his cousins who works at Kenya Ports Authority was infected with coronavirus and later got cured after he was put under hydroxychloroquine medication.

Hence, Sonko is urging the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation should approve the use of hydroxychloroquine since it has proven its usefulness.

“This is the reason why no Kenyan should die of Covid-19. I have tried the preventive part of it which seems to be working for me. My own cousin who works for KPA was infected with Covid but got cured after she was put under the same medication,” Sonko said.


The county government, he says, will liaise with the national government to develop centres across the city where Kenyans will be able to get the treatment needed.

“Once approved by MOH and WHO, my county government shall liaise with the national government and put in a place a good strategy just as what we are doing in our free cancer screening centre,” he went on.

“So as to reach out to the larger population and also ensure those who won’t be able to afford this treatment are catered for by the government. My SRT shall also extend a helping hand to any Kenyan who will be in dire need of the cure.”

So far a total of 17,975 people have been infected by Covid-19 in the country with 285 deaths reported. The number of recoveries stand at 7,833.