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Sonko raps in France as City Hall slides into the abyss – VIDEOS

As chaos continue to rock City Hall following the return of embattled Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko appears to be more concerned about perfecting his rap skills.

Mr Sonko is currently in France, where he seems to literally be having the time of his life touring the cities.

And it seems the adventure will not be complete without documenting the exploits. Videos have emerged on social media capturing Mr Sonko in one instance watching traffic at a tram station as if benchmarking.

In another video wearing a red and black tracksuit, a baseball cap and sunglasses, he comes out of a building rapping.


And of course his infamous accent was also present.

Nairobi wewe wacheni mambo mingi bana hii ni ufala gani munafanya. Relax guys mimi narudi achene hiyo that is the capital ciry my friends,” said Governor Sonko. He appeared to be directing the message at the MCAs.

City Hall has been left in a state of uncertainty since Wednesday after two sides clashed, with one side trying to forcefully evict Ms Elachi from office.

Ms Elachi said she had returned to “bring back sanity” in the House, adding that women members of the County Assembly were tired of intimidation.

However what ensued was chaos and drama as ODM and Jubilee MCAs clashed over the statement.