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Sonko reveals list of Nairobi’s most notorious land grabbers

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has unveiled a list of city businessmen and lawyers on social media whom he has termed as the cartel grabbing prime properties in the city.

The governor said that in the past three years, over 10 families in Nairobi have lost properties worth billions of shillings to the cartel.

He also posted 12 more properties in danger of being auctioned by the cartels.

Nairobi News can not publish the identities of the businessmen and lawyers named in the list for legal reasons.

“I undertook to ensure that cartels that have been giving property owners in Nairobi sleepless nights are dismantled,”stated Mr Sonko in the Facebook post.


The cartels, according to the governor, takes advantage of property owners who have not cleared their land rates arrears.

He promised to conduct official searches at the lands registry this week to get details of property owners with arrears so as to alert them in good time.

“If you are the owner, kindly counter-check your last payment receipt and confirm whether it’s true you have not paid land rates. Such dirty games won’t go on under my leadership as Governor of Nairobi,”said Mr Sonko.

Shockingly, however, was Mr Sonko’s revelation that some City Hall staff at the rates department intentionally tamper with records of prime properties by deleting records that proved the property owners had paid land rates.

They then insert figures that show unpaid land rates.


Thereafter, corrupt staff at the legal department would go to court to seek orders to have the said properties auctioned to companies owned by lawyers, relatives and friends of senior county officials at  prices below the market rate.

Such properties will then be quickly sold off  at high market prices to unsuspecting buyers.

“This is a syndicate that needs thorough investigation all the way from the Judiciary to the land rates department.  I will unearth the conspiracy soon,” said Mr Sonko.