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Standoff as lawyer claims Miguna told to apply for Kenyan visa

The return of Nasa activist Miguna Miguna to Kenya met a hurdle at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after immigration officials insisted that he acquires a Kenyan visa before being granted entry.

His lawyer Cliff Ombeta told journalists that immigration officials are treating Dr Miguna as a Canadian.

The lawyer added Dr Miguna has refused to submit his Canadian passport on the advise of his legal team.

His legal team argues that refusal to grant Dr Miguna entry is contrary to a court order issued by Justice Luka Kimaru.

“They want him to take a temporary visa so that he becomes stateless when it expires. We have advised him not to sign the papers. They are now consulting their seniors,” Mr Ombeta told journalists at the airport.

“The despots have denied me entry! They are insisting that I must enter as a foreigner on a visa. I will not and cannot agree. My advocates appear either too weak or compromised,” Dr Miguna said.

Officials from the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights including chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori together with Dr Miguna’s lawyers Nelson Havi and Mr Ombeta are currently facilitating his clearance.

Dr Miguna was deported from Kenya to Canada on February 6.