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Steppin Razor launches inaugural Reggae Academy Awards Kenya

Steppin Razor, a key player in Kenya’s reggae music scene, proudly announces the launch of the inaugural Reggae Academy Awards Kenya.

This groundbreaking event is set to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of individuals and establishments within the vibrant reggae music industry.

Scheduled for April 27, 2024, the award ceremony promises to be a historic moment for reggae enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Commencing in mid-January, reggae enthusiasts nationwide will have the unique opportunity to actively engage in the nomination and voting process for a diverse array of categories.

Public participation is crucial in identifying the crème de la crème of the reggae music scene, urging fans to cast their votes and champion their favorite nominees.

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The Reggae Academy Awards Kenya will feature a broad spectrum of categories, including:

  1. Best Reggae DJ
  2. Best Reggae Emcees
  3. Best Reggae Club
  4. Best Reggae Sessions
  5. Best Reggae Band
  6. Best Reggae Singer
  7. Best Gospel Reggae Band
  8. Best Radio Presenter
  9. Best TV Show
  10. Best TV Presenter
  11. Reggae Radio Personality of the Year
  12. Reggae TV Personality of the Year
  13. Best Radio Reggae Show
  14. Best TV Reggae Show

This groundbreaking event aims to shine a spotlight on excellence within both established and emerging talents, celebrating the rich diversity and global impact of reggae music.

It provides a platform for artists, DJs, emcees, clubs, and sessions to be acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to the reggae music scene.

The award ceremony will take place at a venue to be unveiled later, featuring performances from some of the most prominent names in the reggae industry.