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Steve Mbogo: Why I call F1 ‘Grand Pricks’


Nairobi’s self-proclaimed youngest billionaire Steve Mbogo has explained why he mispronounced Grand Prix – that is the way he and colleagues in the rich list pronounce the event.

Mr Mbogo appeared on K24’s morning talk show Alfajiri on Monday and the first thing he had to address was the reason he pronounces Grand Prix (Gran Pree) as “Grand Pricks”.

I pronounce Grand Prix the way I do because that’s my style of saying it,” he told the presenter. “That is the way myself and colleagues in the rich list pronounce the event. Staging the event is worth Sh250 million dollars (about Sh25b) and I will be speaking to the Government and other stakeholders to organise the race. By the way even President Uhuru Kenyatta is a huge fan of this race, he only missed this event because the Pope was in town.”

Mr Mbogo, who calls himself Hon, spent the better part of his hour long interview on a local television defending himself against responses from the audience insisting he was phony.

The man, who insists he is 28 and worth Sh13 billion, hit out at his “haters” and referred to them as “petty”.


His interview came barely three days after Nairobi News highlighted a list of issues about his purported life on the fast lane that do not add up.

He then addressed haters. “Kenyans like being petty, those rumours are peddled by haters but that will not stop me one bit from growing. I am just a poor man with money.”

Interestingly, Mr Mbogo – when put on the spot failed to name even one of the “several” companies he owns locally and abroad, but promised to do so to anyone who will “visit him in his office”.

The youthful smartly dressed man then took the viewers down memory lane claiming he made his first coin through collecting and selling scrap in Kitale after skiving classes in order to pay his monthly rent of Sh800.

Mbogo also took the opportunity to announce that he would be joining elective politics in Kenya, although twice he stayed clear of declaring which exact seat he would be vying for. The show presenters even declined his offer to buy them lunch.