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Swanky Luthuli Avenue upgrade not yet over (two months after deadline)

The upgrade of Luthuli Avenue in city centre was scheduled to end two months ago but reconstructions works are still ongoing.

The road has been converted into a one-way street. The upgrade was almost complete in May, before engineers suddenly noticed that they had ‘forgotten’ to improve its drainage system.

This week, workers were busy erecting metal barriers in the middle of the road to separate motorists from cyclists.


The business community and pedestrians are a happy lot though. There are no longer vehicles allowed in the 700 meter road and pedestrians can relax on newly erected street benches or stroll comfortably.

Nairobi County has partnered with World Bank to convert the road into a one-way street.

Sidewalks on both sides are being expanded to allow for more flow and ease of pedestrian movement.