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Tactics that will reduce holiday expenses

Travelling to a far country during holidays is no longer a preserve of the rich. With a long-term holiday plan, it is possible to travel for luxury even twice a year if you have time.

The secret is to plan and book a trip early and to start making payments in instalments.

Simon Kabu, co-founder of Bonfire Adventures says by booking early, travellers stand to benefit from the discounts offered as well as avoiding the inconvenience of a last minute rush.

During these last minute rushes, most hotels are fully booked and those available are usually costly. 

Early booking also helps you to select the best places to stay. For instance, if a tour company has booked you in a hotel that does not meet your expectations, cancellations are made and suggestions in some cases considered. 

In an interview, Kabu said as long as there is a reservation and a down payment, usually the full payment is met even days before the trip starts. 

Travel in a group

When individuals consult tour and travel companies for advance bookings, the firms are able to group them according to the places of travel. 

Travelling in a group helps the organisers negotiate better rates with hotels and airlines than when doing it alone.

Besides, travelling as a group acts as a platform for people to network and socialise, making it even more fun. 

For those looking forward to travel to destinations abroad, a tour and travel company such as Bonfire Adventures helps in the processing of travel documents and visas. 

“As long as a client provides us with the necessary documents, we go to the embassies and get travel documents and visas at no extra cost,” added Kabu.

Planning early, said Kabu, has helped people cut expenses by 25 per cent, making it possible for people to explore destinations that were only a dream to them.

With packages like a five-day trip to Dubai at Sh60,000 per person, flight, accommodation cost, transfers and food inclusive, bookings increase with every trip organised by Bonfire Ventures. 

Places to visit

On normal rates, a trip to Dubai could go up to Sh100,000. A travel firm will also advise you on the best places to visit according to your budget. 

“It is encouraging to see people booking for trips and cruises to Hawaii, Seychelles and the Caribbean away from the usual trips to Mombasa, Naivasha or Zanzibar,” he said. 

However good planning a holiday in advance is, there is a major setback when it comes to cancellation. 

“Hotels have cancellation policies and we encourage an early notification. This enables us to push the trip to a later date,” he said. 

“However, if a person cancels hours to the trip unfortunately they will suffer a loss,” he concluded.