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Tanasha: Diamond and I are now back on talking terms, we are not enemies

Tanasha Donna says she is currently on talking terms with her ex-boyfriend, bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz who is the father of her son Naseeb Junior, this is despite their bitter breakup.

As a matter of fact, Tanasha and Diamond recently sent a joint demand letter with intention to sue Tanzanian Cloud FM radio presenter Barton Mwembwa popularly known as Mwijaku after he claimed to have fathered Naseeb.


However, after Mwijaku called a press conference a few days ago and publicly begged for forgiveness, Tanasha and Diamond decided not to press charges.

“When you realize you have done a mistake and apologize, I believe everybody deserves forgiveness kwa hivyo nitamsamehe. I am glad he took that initiative because I filed a court case, we sent him a demand letter me and the father of my child (Diamond) and we were about to sue him. We took it very seriously because it’s very wrong to come and claim another man’s child and a woman you have never spoken to in your life for stupid clout,” Tanasha told Mseto East Africa.

“By the way me and the father of my son are okay, we are in talking terms, we not enemies, tuko sawa we are in communication for our son and I respect him very much,” she further revealed.

The two dated for a year after Diamond was dumped by Ugandan South African based socialite Zari Hassan for constantly cheating on her.


But their relationship to end abruptly in March 2020.

While the two maintain their breakup was due to difference in ideologies, sources have revealed to Nairobi News that Diamond had started seeing another woman.

The artiste also didn’t approve of Tanasha’s venture into music, but she insisted on pursue a career in music.

Since the breakup, Tanasha has been rumoured to be dating media personality Jamal Gaddaffi with whom they are very close.

Jamal is married and with Tanasha converting to Islam, rumours have been rife that she could possibly end up as Jamal’s second wife.


However, Tanasha has dispelled the rumours, insisting that Jamal is not only like a brother to her but also a member of her small working team.

“Jamal is in my team, he is a very good friend of mine, he is helping manage a few of my things. Let me make it clear that Jamal is my brother. I know his sister, he has a very beautiful wife, he has a very beautiful child and I respect them. But people will always look for something to say out of anything” she said.

Tanasha also talked about her conversion to Islam, stating that she took the decision last year while she accompanied Diamond to Kigoma where he opened a new mosque.

“I am Muslim now. Aisha is the Muslim name I chose. It took me a whole year to make the decision. I did some research and it took me a while. I’m happy about it,” she said.

The singer also opened up on possibilities of having more children in future revealing that she is still short of two to hit her target of three children. Tanasha is currently single and married to her work so she states.