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Tanzania bad boy footballer banned for poking opponent’s bum

The Tanzanian Football Federation has slapped Juma Said Nyoso with a two year ban from all football activities after finding him guilty for gross misconduct.

The TFF also handed the Mbeya City player an equivalent of Sh 100,000 (Two million Tanzanian shillings) fine for the offence of “fingering” his opponent, Azam forward John Bocco, during a league match over the weekend.

Nyoso will not be allowed to play competitively either for his club or the national team during the suspension period.

Worse still for the former Simba SC player, Azam FC has demanded he apologizes to Bocco on live television to warrant forgiveness from the “offended club, player and general public”.

“This is the fourth time the player is engaging in such behavior, and the second time this year. Our expectation is he appears before the media and pleads for forgiveness from John Bocco, Azam FC and the general football loving community in Tanzania for his actions that are threatening to undo the gains we have made in our football,” the Azam statement read in part.

Nyoso joins a select list of “trouble makers” on the football pitch who have over the years carried a reputation of behaving in a not so pleasant manner.

“I am told he does that to destabilize his opponents to reacting in a violent manner and thus get sent off, overall he seems a good person but cheeky player,” Azam FC’s Kenyan striker Allan Wanga, who featured in this match told Nairobi News.