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Tanzanian woman goes missing after being rescued from ‘hell’ pit

By HILARY KIMUYU February 2nd, 2016 2 min read

A Tanzanian woman has gone missing days after being rescued from a hell pit where she was hidden by her lover.

The woman, said to be in her twenties, was last week pulled out of the cemented pit where she had been hidden for more than eight months by her lover.

She told her rescuers that she used to survive on just two meals a week. She was rescued by Tanzanian authorities following a tip off from neighbors.


Police initially told local journalists that the woman went missing from the hospital where she was admitted after being rescued. They said that the woman was first taken to Mbezi police post, in Dar es Salaam, before being taken to Tumbi Regional Referral Hospital for treatment.

However, officials at hospital have denied the police reports that the woman was taken to the facility.

Rose Dida, the hospital’s communications officer, said no such person was admitted at the facility and as such, police are mistaken to claim that the woman disappeared while under the hospital’s care.

Regional police commander Christopher Fuime later confirmed to journalists that the woman had indeed gone missing. Authorities are trying to figure out how the woman mysteriously disappeared between the police post and the hospital.


Police have so far arrested a businessman, known as Mr Mtei, who they believe hid the woman in the pit. The man reportedly wanted to use the woman for a ritual in order to get wealthy.

Unconfirmed reports also claim that Mr Mtei and woman have two children.

Photos and videos of the woman being rescued by Tanzanian police from the cement pit emerged online last week and went viral on social media platforms.

The woman’s relatives who spoke to a local radio station said that they were traumatized by the images that circulated on social media.