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Tanzanians charged with human trafficking

Two Tanzanians are battling human trafficking charges amid accusations of ferrying a disabled minor into the country and used him to enrich themselves by collecting alms from city streets.

Kuyi Paulo and Sita Yohana were charged with exploiting the complainant, aged 14, through begging at the citys’ Shauri Moyo Estate within Kamkunji sub-county.

Paulo and Yohana faced charges of flouting children’s rights by subjecting the complainant identified as E.T to inhuman treatment by requiring him to beg from the streets.

Police from the anti-violence and gender department from Shauri Moyo Police Station pounced on Paulo and Yohana while dropping the child they had trafficked at a spot where he was supposed to remain for the remainder of the day.

The prosecution said the two accused have been benefiting themselves illegally through alms received by the victims for the last two years.

The accused applied to be admitted to bond.

The prosecution did not oppose the bail but urged the magistrate to impose stringent bail terms.

The two face three counts of trafficking in person, economic exploitation, and being in the country illegally.

They denied that on diverse dates between 2019 and August 20, 2021, jointly with others not before court transported and harbored E.T. a disabled child aged 14 years from Tanzania to Shauri Moyo Nairobi, Kenya for the purpose of exploitation, in abuse of position and vulnerability.

In the second count, the two were accused that on the same dates and place (Shauri Moyo) area in Kamukunji sub-county within Nairobi county willfully and negligently engaged the 14-year-old in begging of alms which interfered with his education and physical health.