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Why this teacher sleeps in class with his pupils

When a picture of Primary school teacher sleeping amidst nursery school children was shared online, thousands of Kenyans hailed him for his good deeds while other described his actions as a calling.

Mr Joseph Mutai was not aware someone captured him napping with the little ones on January 26 at a primary school in Kipkelion West Kericho County.

Mutai, 50, is a senior teacher at Mbaragia Primary School but that day he was captured doing what he does best while he was away in another school.

“I’m a class eight teacher but my love for children has seen me going back to teacher lower classes. That day I was on a bench-marking mission in another school and decided to have fun with the kids in one of their ‘Sleeping Lessons’,” he told Nairobi News.


According to Mr Mutia, teaching ECD classes is a calling and one must act and behave like a child for them to learn easily.

Mr Mutia, an English teacher, has been teaching since 1994. He holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education hence his love for children.

“When I saw the pictures online, I felt good because I love the job, sometimes I dose off to make the kids sleep as required as part of their class work,” he said.

Some of the pupils taking a nap in class. PHOTO | COURTESY
Some of the pupils taking a nap in class. PHOTO | CHEPKOECH LILIAN

Thousands of followers of ‘The Kericho Renaissance Network’ Facebook page expressed their views and observation on Mr Mutai’s unique behaviour.

“He is in the right profession given by God.” Rose Collins went on: “Ame divide the boys and gals by lying katika very bright teacher,” Simotwo Ezekiel said.


Jamal Mugun said: “I am a beneficiary of his good services. In fact we need to go visit him in style and uplift the lives of his students. He has passion for what he does.”

Betty Thuo quipped: “Wow nice…. Kudos teacher.”

Irene Rinnie Cherono wrote: “Good example to young kids… They will love to go to school.”

Jacquelin Keles said: “OK, ECDE normally has a section for children to sleep. Children learn some aspects through imitation. In order to convince them to sleep, you’ll have to pretend to be asleep as well.”

Dorcas Wambui Ngigi commented: “It is very ethical. If you have to dance while clapping for them….then why not sleep as they sleep?”