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Teacher-turned-CEO declares multimillion shilling wealth

Barely a day after a top chief executive declared his wealth, another CEO has followed suite and revealed his millions.

Kenya Commercial Bank chief executive Joshua Oigara on Thursday revealed that his monthly salary is Sh4.9 million with a net worth of Sh220 million.

Mr Oigara’s worth is made up of Sh350 million assets that include land and buildings and loans worth Sh130million.

Other assets that were listed in the press statement sent to newsrooms were shares, motor vehicle and cash bank balances.

“My public declaration is driven by the need for us as private sector players to initiate greater transparency. Kenya is bleeding from corruption mainly driven by secrecy in organizational operations.


“Corruption takes away equal opportunity and hurts growth by consuming funds which could otherwise have gone into social and economic projects like health and education,” said Mr Oigara.

Mr Oigara described his humble beginning emphasizing that his success has not come easy.

“I have had to work hard for the past 18 years in different companies and capacities. I started off as a teacher in my rural village, earning Sh5,000 a month.

“I have grown to be the CEO of East Africa’s leading bank with annual revenue of Sh60 billion. Over time, that has allowed me to acquire what I have,” he said.

On Wednesday, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore revealed that his monthly income is Sh10 million while his assets are worth Sh277.3 million.