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‘Team mafisi’ safe as MPs throw out Bill criminalizing ‘kula kwa macho’

By JOHN NJAGI February 15th, 2017 1 min read

MPs have voted to throw out the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill that, among others, sought to criminalise unwanted bodily contact in crowded public places like ferries.

The Bill, sponsored by Busia Woman Rep Florence Mutua, also sought to criminalise out-of-court bargains on sexual attacks involving minors.

These and other controversial sections appear to have alarmed male MPs, who held the numbers when the vote was put on Wednesday morning.

The defeat appears to have irked Ms Mutua, who walked out of the chambers in a huff.

She waved the Bill to her male colleagues, who watched in amusement.

The Bill had a provision outlawing ogling, hence the name Kula Kwa Macho.