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Jua Cali: My relationship with Sanaipei

He has been in the music industry for many years and has managed to remain relevant in this competitive business.

Paul Nunda, commonly known as Jua Cali, has a unique style of music and ability to use sheng lyrically. He released his third album in September.

Tell us about your new album?

It is called Tugenge Yajayo. Most of the songs talk about issues that people go through every day. I also have a few collabos in the album, like the one I did with Juliani, Si Siri, and another one with Jovial, a female singer from the Coast. The album also has the Kunasheng song which I am doing a remix of.

What can you say about artistes of your time who still haven’t released a single album?

I really can’t speak for them but I do what I do because I respect music and I love to create. As a singer, the only way to show my fans that I love music is by releasing songs. For an artiste not to have a single album is either they are lazy or lack passion.

I have to ask: what’s with the hair, Samson the strong man?

(Laughs out loud). In this industry there are a lot of people coming up and therefore I had to do something to stand out. I know you can argue that when I started out, there weren’t many musicians but even if you are just three or 20, you still have to stand out.

What are your weaknesses and strengths, musically?

My greatest weakness is that I sometimes want to sing in a song but end up rapping. I really admire male musicians who can sing. My strength, I can say, is that my songs are relatable; they affect people.

Was it true that you and Sanaipei Tande were an item?

When people see two musicians singing together they create fantasies about them. We did Najuta and Kwaheri together and everyone just assumed we were involved. It is not true. Sanaa is like a sister to me. We have come a long way in music and she is one of the most talented musicians I know.

So who is the lucky lady, assuming you are not single?

Of course I am not single. I have a girlfriend and we have been together for three years. We have a son. He is over a year old. I try as much as possible not to put them in the limelight because I don’t want them to be scrutinised all the time like me. I can’t walk on the streets without someone recognising me but they can and I think that it is important for them to keep their privacy.

How do you deal with groupies? Has this strained your relationship with your girlfriend?

In the beginning yes, it did. But when you are in a relationship it helps to talk about things and trust should be paramount. As much as they are groupies, they are also your fans and you can’t just tell them off. I try very much to speak to them using body language and show that I am not interested. It’s not always easy…

Your take on music now?

The moment there are new faces it means music is growing, but what most musicians should put in their minds so that we can be able to move forward is that it is important they take it as a job as much as it is fun. Do not forget that it is work. If I can be able to depend on music to feed my family, then yes, I think we are on the right track.

Future plans?

Releasing more albums and more music and would like to venture into acting. It was through the power of God and fans that I have been able to reach where I am right know and I know He is not done with me I can foresee even greater things coming my way.