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The world reacts as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram crash

The social media world went silent for close to five hours on Monday, October 5, 2021, after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suddenly crashed.

The move, left many users rushing to Twitter, the remaining social media app in use, to share their woes, thoughts, and jokes.

Twitter appeared to embrace its moment in the spotlight.

The company’s main account tweeted “hello literally everyone,” a message that garnered 2.4 million “likes” in four hours.

Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey would soon join in on the fun. He responded to an unverified screenshot suggesting Facebook’s domain for sale by asking; “How much?”


Some companies used the opportunity to market their products.

Netflix tweeted an image from its new hit show “Squid Game” showing a contestant in the series labeled as “Twitter” holding up and saving the life of a contestant labeled “Everyone.”

Popular Kenyan radio presenter Maina Kageni joined in on the discussion, cheekily suggesting WhatsApp admins, known to wield so much power, had been humbled within the twinkle of an eye.

“To all WhatsApp admins. I hope you have known noted how life can change. Please humble yourselves before God,” he shared on his Facebook page when the services had been restored.

While many shared jokes on Twitter, others acknowledged the seriousness of the matter, as Facebook’s apps are relied on for communication by a lot of its three billion customers.