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Dumb thieves arrested with stolen crocodiles in sacks

Police have arrested two people for stealing three-year old crocodiles at a Malindi farm in Kilifi County.

Malindi Police boss Matawa Muchangi said the suspects aged about 32 years were arrested at around 5pm while trying to sneak the reptiles from Mr Mark Stephen’s farm.

“The suspects had concealed three crocodiles in sacks but the third crocodile had died due to suffocation,” said Mr Muchangi.

Mr Muchangi told the Nation in his office that the farm owner alerted police after hearing movements at his farm back yard and.


“Police arrived at the scene and found the suspects, who are employees at the farm with the crocodiles,” he said adding that the suspects will be taken to court and be charged for theft.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a case where a ship from Comoros carrying nine sailors was found in the Indian Ocean after missing for a period of three days.

Mr Muchangi said the ship destined to Tanzania drifted to near the shores of Malindi after developing mechanical problems.

“The ship was carrying scrap metal weighing about 300 tonnes before the steering got mechanical hitch. Kenya Navy military squad had to intervene and pulled the ship with a tugboat,” he said.