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This MP can’t understand why journalists call him ‘controversial’

By NAIRA HABIB August 23rd, 2017 2 min read

He has been pictured standing half-naked with his wife, pictured handing his children loaded pistols and, most recently, pictured in State House in meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta wearing flip flops.

Yet Embakasi West MP George Theuri just can’t understand why journalists keep referring to him as ‘controversial’.

The agitated MP took to Facebook to inquire on why most media houses call him ‘controversial’ in headlines of stories about him.

The MP further shares a screenshots of online stories on  about his choice of wardrobe while visiting the State house.

“Please help me understand why these media guys call me ‘controversial MP’ ama just being myself nothing more. Mimi ni jamaa tuu wa mtaani,” posted Theuri.


Kenyans online answered his question.

Nesmo Munes Ole Gatune; “dressing codes ni ukoloni mamboleo, we get to break these stupid traditions no one knows where or what their purpose is. Ingekua ni mzungu I’m sure no critic angeongea. Emencipate ourselves from mental slavery none BT ourselves can free our minds….nkt”

Susie Dan; “Slippers reserve for the bathroom,the house,the beach ,a short walk to the neighbourhood shop or a hangout with the boys at your neighbours house.”

William Karanjah; “apo thawa mwesh… next time wavalie ka short…

Bonface Nyagah; “George Theuri it’s not that they are picking on you. It’s just that there is a dress code for every occasion. I am sure you don’t swim in a suit and tie. At statehouse in presence of the President it would have been nice to wear some proper shoes and I know you have.”

Peter Muriithi; “Kwani slippers ndo zinafanya kazi,white collar job mentality imewaharibu.”

Geff Chever Buvil; “past mistakes… google uone hizo bludder”

Irekabz Kabura; “I agree with you on many issues but dress decently when meeting the president next time.”

Carolyne Mwendwa; “Clad official when going to the office! You are not going to the beach or to the bathroom! Image is everything!”

Carol Kim Gathee; “I think you got votes from different ages so not all of us know the meaning of swag but just try to be official when going to represent Embakasi West.”

Juddy Wanjugu; “You are a trendsetter next utaskia mwingine ameenda na akala.”