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Till death do us apart: NTV duo Lofty Matambo, Frida Mwaka explain inseparable bond

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 24th, 2023 2 min read

NTV’s Swahili news anchor duo Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo have opened up on their unique partnership on the screen.

The dynamic pair, known for their engaging on-air rapport, left no stone unturned during an interview with online media, Presenter Ali and Nicholas Kioko on September 24, 2023.

They addressed the public’s curiosity surrounding their relationship and clarified that, while it may appear intriguing, their connection is primarily centered around their work.

“We have received questions and such curiosity, but our relationship at the moment is work-related. It’s about chemistry, and the connection between us is fascinating and enticing, but those other things are for the fans to enjoy,” Lofty explained.

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Their outstanding teamwork was recognized last year when they were named the 2022 Journalists of the Year at the prestigious Pwani Golden Awards in Mombasa on December 3, 2022.

Fridah Mwaka echoed Lofty’s sentiments, stressing the importance of their partnership and the understanding they share.

She revealed that their friendship goes beyond the studio, often spending time together before work to ensure they are in sync for their on-air appearances.

“Wasichokijua pia ni kwamba wanachokipenda kimefanyiwa kazi…Kuwa the duo on air si rahisi. Mimi na Lofty we go an extra mile. Tumebeba hii brand kwa roho yetu. That’s why we go out on dates,” Fridah said.

She also shed light on the reason behind their occasional matching outfits at work, explaining:

“There is strength and unity in clothing. There are times when we feel like we want to boost each other’s strength, and it also depends on what we are doing.”

Fridah clarified that their friendship remains firmly within the bounds of professionalism.

“Sisi ni mapacha lazima tufanane. There are times when we feel like we match a lot. Sometimes, we don’t plan it, but when we meet, we find ourselves wearing the same clothes.”

Lofty Matambo expressed his optimism about their continued partnership, stating:

“We will cross that bridge when we get there. But I know it will be a significant test for me. The essential thing is to remain the duo until death do us part.”