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Tips on how to get a Nairobi Woman agree to that first date

Nairobi’s dating scene is vibrant. If you are not familiar with it though, you may never get a Nairobi woman on a date.

Here are tips that will get you that first date:

1. You get only one chance – Every woman in Nairobi has hundreds of potential suitors. What this means for a man is that he gets only one chance to impress her. If you ruin it, that’s it. If you are planning to ask her on a date, bring your best game. You have to put in the work.

2. Somewhere she hasn’t been before – Everyone in Nairobi likes to think that they have seen all that the city has to offer. If you can tell her about a spot especially one that is in the city which she hasn’t heard of before, you might get her on a date.

3. Make her friends jealous – Nothing will warm your way into a Nairobi woman’s heart like making her friends jealous of her. Be attentive, bring her a gift on the first date, act concerned. Make her friends think that you are the greatest catch and you will sure get her on that date.

4. She has been cat called – You need to be aggressive to survive in Nairobi. This means that every woman you meet has been whistled at in the streets by men who wanted to court her. To get an actual date, you need to stand out. Do not cat call her. Be decent.

5. Be engaging – If a Nairobi woman is to agree to go a date with you, you must first prove to her that you can keep a conversation going. Learn how to converse with a woman. Actual intelligent talk, not small talk or football talk.

6. Make her laugh – If you can get a Nairobi woman to laugh, she is all yours. Making a woman laugh gets her at ease with you. It allows her to be herself while on a date with you. What more does a woman want from a date?

7. Adopt the right attitude – Nothing puts a damper on a Nairobi woman’s interest in a man than noticing the man showing a lack of confidence. She knows what she wants and it is the very best.

Show her that you believe in yourself and are not afraid to speak out. Even a cocky man has a better chance with her than a wimp. Remember that this is very different from being violent or pushy.

8. Compliment, compliment, compliment – In a city that is full of beautiful women. No woman ever tires of hearing how that orange scarf brings out the warmth in her eyes or how her dress compliments her body. The secret is making sure you are giving honest compliments, not flattery. The latter will get you nowhere.