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‘Tortured’ hawker all smiles after replacing teeth

A hawker who lost five of his teeth in the violent hands of three Nairobi County inspectorate officers in July 2021 can now afford a smile.

This follows an out-of-court settlement between Anthony Maina and his tormentors, which enabled him to replace his teeth.

According to Maina’s doctor Kennedy Carson Opiyo from Orthodontics Kenya, the hawker is on his way to full recovery after successful surgeries to fix his broken jaw and replace his teeth were performed.

Dr. Opiyo said the surgery managed to remove broken sharp bony spicules from Maina’s broken jaw.

The doctor added that the impact on Maina’s face during the ordeal was intense that he had the lower jaw broken at two points.

“From the X-ray pictures, we confirmed the young man had a broken jaw. He also had some loose teeth and a deranged bite. The two broken points were at the back and in the front meaning the lower jaw was loosely hanging,” explained Dr. Opiyo.

It is alleged Maina was hit with a metal rod while handcuffed by three inspectorate officers namely Humphrey Muswangi, Hassan Chege, and Dennis Macharia on July 2, 2021, after he failed to raise a bribe of Sh100, as he only had Sh20 at the time, demanded by the officers.

Maina and the three county askaris reach an out-of-court settlement with the two parties agreeing on a Sh427,200 compensation.

As per the agreement, the compensation for loss and damage of the teeth amounts to Sh300,000, plus an extra Sh56,000 for the broken jaw connection.

The injured hawker will also receive an additional Sh4,000 for transportation, Sh37,800 for food, and a further Sh15,000 for two months rent on top of Sh14,400 for medication.