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TRIBUTE: Widow recalls last moment with KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh

Mamake wanangu, wanangu, nilelee vyema (My love, take good care of my children)”.

These were the emotional words uttered by departed KTN Swahili anchor Ahmed Darwesh to his wife Hawa, moments before he passed on.

This revelation is contained in a tribute by Hawa to her late husband published in the Standard online portal this week.

Hawa was with their three children at the family’s home in Mombasa, speaking to Darwesh for over half an hour on phone.

This was after he was found lying in a critical condition in his living room in Nairobi in December.

He was later rushed to Mater Hospital in South B where doctors pronounced him dead.

The news anchor succumbed to kidney related complications, a death that shocked many.

In her tribute, Hawa describes the ever jolly Darwesh as a man who was always there for her and family, but curiously, a person who had a premonition of his death.

On the day of his death, Hawa recalls that; “Come Monday around 7am, Dharwesh called me. He asked about the children. I asked him, “Utakwenda na nani job? (who will take you to work) and he said Bangu (our taxi driver), “but hashiki nitampigia tena aje kunichukua (but he’s not picking my calls. I will call him later to come pick me).”

We talked for 30 minutes and he said: “Mamake wanangu, wanangu nilelee vyema (My love, take good care of my children).”

I reprimanded him: “Kwani nitawafanyaje si kila siku niko nao (what else did you expect? I am always here for them).

I tried to call him at around 12.30pm but he did not pick and I concluded that he must be praying.

“That was it,” the widow concludes.