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TV anchor diagnosed with lung cancer

NTV’s Janet Kanini has been diagnosed with stage four of lung cancer after months of struggling with it’s symptoms unknowingly.

The courageous TV girl who has been sharing her health journey through her Facebook page broke the news on Wednesday through an emotional and lengthy post.

“My case of DVT has turned out to be a symptom of something else, something more. Hence it’s stubborn refusal to respond to blood thinner pills and my reliance on Clexane injections that should ideally be used for 10 days – instead I have used them for more than 3 months.

“So here’s what the latest medical reports say. Lung cancer. Stage 4, meaning it has spread from the primary lung site into lymph nodes,” Kanini said.

Ms Kanini was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) early this year and in June she was admitted at the High Dependency Unit after a blood clot was discovered near her heart.

She has since then been through different procedures to treat frequent clotting in different parts of her body.

In September she left the county for treatment in India where the diagnosis for lung cancer was made.


“I was promptly admitted and prepared for this machine that brings many Kenyans to India – the PET MRI scanner. It uses radiation to get an amazingly accurate picture of the internal workings of the body, so that you scan the entire body at a go,” she further wrote.

She went on to explain how the next day she was injected with a substance that made her radioactive, technology that she added is not in Kenya because the country lacks nuclear laws that would enable safe handling of the radioactive isotopes.

“On Saturday (next day) the PET MRI scans were back so Doc sent me for an FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) where a very long needle was inserted to the lymph node at the base of my neck just above the shoulder blade. This is the test whose results led me to remember Sunday September 13th as a significant day in my life – the day I was told there is cancer in my body,” went on Ms Kanini.

The N-Soko Property Show host explained how she underwent a procedure to obtain a tissue sample from her lymphnodes that was sent to the laboratory for biopsy to determine her mode of treatment.

“Chemotherapy begun last week with 22 hours continuous of pre-med drip to control side effects, then the chemo drug, a saline solution, more chemo drug, post-med drip, a one week break with a cocktail of pills and injections, then cycle one ended yesterday. I’m supposed to remain in New Delhi for some time till the doctors confirm the best drugs that I can come home with to continue chemo,” wrote Ms Kanini.

Her emotional post has since been shared widely and many Kenyans have wished her quick recovery.

Ms Kanini has been sharing her journey through Facebook posts and a one time she appeared for Ebru TV’s My Doctor Show where she discussed DVT.