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The twin secret that won Linda top Sonu post

They have an infectious smile, the same voice and it is almost impossible to tell them apart.

Both are fourth year students at the University of Nairobi, but only one is an official at the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (Sonu).

Meet Linda and Linah Sohelo, the twins who used their hard-to-tell apart features to woo students into voting one of them into the students’ body.

Linda is the current Gender Affairs secretary at Sonu, a position she embraces with passion.

“I vied for the seat because gender issues are dear to me,” said Linda who is pursuing a Political Science undergraduate degree at the main campus.

Her sister Linah is a Bachelor of Commerce student at the Lower Kabete campus.

During the one-month campaign period Linda said, faced with a stiff competition, she had to find a way to outwit her opponents.

“The twin factor came as an advantage and seemed like a brilliant idea at the time,” she said in an interview.

She struck a deal with her twin who would be addressing a students’ meeting at Kikuyu campus while she simultaneously held another one at Parklands campus.

“Students did not suspect for a moment, that we were two different people,” said Linda, the talkative of the 23 year-old siblings.The idea was to fairly cover the nine campuses under the university.


The trick worked perfectly as Linda won with a landslide. Of the possible 6,000 votes, she garnered 4,000. The campuses where the twins are based were her strongholds.

The two eventually revealed their trick to the other students who said nothing seemed amiss during the campaigns.

Felix Calvince, a student said: “They are just so identical. They sounded the same on the podium.”