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Two men clash over woman’s picture on WhatsApp status

A man on Friday claimed he was assaulted by people known to him because of a WhatsApp status.

Darlington Kariuki told Nairobi News on phone that his attackers found him outside a wine shop as he was unwinding inside his car at around 3am on Friday morning.

A confrontation ensued between them and he was allegedly injured. He immediately was taken to Huruma Nursing home but was transferred to Radiant hospital in Pangani.

“I have been assaulted by people I know. They have escaped with a car with registration (redacted) I have reported and circulated the car and phone numbers. I am now admitted. I have reported under OB 12/3/20 03:21HRS,” Kariuki posted on facebook.

Nairobi News got hold of the accused person Douglas Muchiri who gave different account of events.


“We met on Thursday at around 7.30pm at a garage in Kariobangi South and exchanged pleasantries. Later that evening I was in Huruma estate attending a funeral meeting,” he stated.

It’s here according to Muchiri that Kariuki called him after he saw his (Kariuki’s) ex-girlfriend picture on a WhatsApp profile.

“Kariuki saw a picture of his ex-girlfriend on my girlfriend’s WhatsApp status and called me asking her whereabouts,” Muchiri claimed.

According to Muchiri, his childhood friend Kariuki insisted to see his ex-girlfriend.

“He told us where he was and we drove there. Immediately we alighted, he started attacking the ex-girlfriend and it’s here me might have been injured as people came in between the two to try and stop the fight,” Muchiri added.

When Nairobi News contacted Kariuki’s alleged girlfriend, she said the two broke up three months ago.

On December 31, 2019, Kariuki posted a TBT photo of him and the woman wishing her a happy 2020.