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Two thugs shot dead in Mutindwa, guns recovered

By HILARY KIMUYU January 23rd, 2016 1 min read

Two suspected robbers were on Friday night shot dead in Mutindwa, Buruburu, and two pistols recovered.

Nairobi Police Boss Japheth Koome confirmed to Nairobi News that the two thugs were on a robbing spree in Umoja 2 on the stretch between Harris pub and Mama Lucy Hospital.

The robbers had targeted members of the public and an M-Pesa shop in the 10.30pm incident.

Police on patrol reportedly heard screams from the victims and went to inquire. When the robbers were confronted, they got into a car and drove towards Mutindwa near Buruburu.

The police notified their colleagues who then laid an ambush in Mutindwa. When the four suspects realized they had been cornered, disembarked from their vehicle and tried to escape on foot while exchanging fire with the police.

Two suspects were shot dead while two escaped, according to Mr Koome.

Police recovered a Berretta Pistol, a mini Ceska pistol and three rounds of ammunition from the two.

The bodies of the unidentified suspects were taken to the City Mortuary.