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Two-year-old burnt beyond recognition in Shauri Moyo fire

A two-year-old boy was on Thursday burnt beyond recognition in Shauri Moyo’s Blue Estate slums.

The incident was reported to the police by the child’s mother in the wake of the fire whose cause was not immediately established.

Police officers from Shauri Moyo Police Station accompanied the mother and other victims of the inferno to the scene where they embarked on a search and found the remains of a human being believed to be that of the missing two-year-old.

The only noticeable organ was the boy’s ear. The remaining body parts were taken to city mortuary to await DNA testing.


Elsewhere, a man fell to his death in Mathare Kosovo area while fixing a security light with his colleague.

According to a coworker, they were both repairing a security light when the deceased slipped and fell from a ladder they were using. He died on the spot after falling to the ground head first.

Police visited the scene and took the body to the city morgue for autopsy.


Meanwhile, a homemade pistol was recovered by police officers along Ring road after a carjacking suspect was shot and killed.

The suspect was in the company of three men who tried to carjack a minibus which plies route 9.

According to the police, they ordered the suspects to surrender but they started shooting at the officers who returned fire killing one. The rest of the suspects fled towards Nairobi River.

A homemade gun capable of firing and 9 ammunition were recovered from the slain suspect whose body was moved to City Mortuary.