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Uber unveils new service for persons living with disabilities and the elderly

Taxi-hailing service, Uber, has launched a new service designed to help riders with disabilities and the elderly to easily reach their destinations in Nairobi.

According to the firm, UberASSIST is a specialised cab service which will help those with accessibility hassle to ride with the best-rated drivers.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of UberASSIST in Nairobi. UberASSIST has been designed to provide additional assistance for members of the senior and disabled communities. Driver-partners are specifically trained to assist riders when getting into a vehicle, and can accommodate folding wheelchairs and walkers,” Uber said in a statement.


The enlisted drivers are trained in care-giving using the regular vehicles that can accommodate walkers and foldable wheelchairs making transportation more accessible for riders with mobility disabilities.

Uber has further reiterated their clients of their commitment to create transportation options which give equal opportunities and access to everyone.

UberASSIST was first launched in September 2014 and is currently available in more than 40 cities worldwide.

In Africa, the service is available in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa after it was rolled out in 2017.