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Chameleone’s family tussle over dead kin’s wealth

The family of the late Ugandan artist Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK 47 is involved in a dispute over his property barely five months since his death, media reports in the country say.

Mayanja a younger sibling to celebrated musicians Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone and Doughlas Mayanja who uses the stage name Weasel, collapsed and died at an entertainment joint in Kabalagala, a downtown surburb in Kampala in March.

The cause of his death is yet to be made public despite intense police investigations.


According to reports from a Ugandan tabloid the Red Pepper, AK 47s wife Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi has already unsuccessfully requested his father in law to transfer ownership of the deceased artists house in his name.

The issue is likely to take a legal turn in the coming “weeks” according to the paper.

It is reported that the AK 47s dad Mzeeyi Gerlad Mayanja insists the house and other properties should remain in the children’s name.

“She (Nnalongo) is free to stay in the house for as long as she wants – with the children – but can never have the house in her names. The house must be in all the children’s names,” Emmanuel’s dad is reported to have said.

Nnalongo sired three children, including twins, with AK 47.